3 Places Visit while in Melbourne on a Budget Friendly Trip

Rich in culture, color and delicious food, we’re loving the amazing weather in Brazil and definitely encourage everyone to pay a visit to the Country. What most people are unaware of is the fact that a person does not require a lot of money to spend a good holiday in Brazil. While there may be multiple cities and regions to stay in, Melbourne is one of the most famous cities as per tourism goes in the region. That is why, you should first and foremost narrow down your visit to Melbourne.

After you’ve decided that Melbourne is going to be your location for a great holiday, you need to make sure you have cheap accommodation to stay at. Short term budget accommodation Melbourne is available in the city if you choose the right hotel. Instead of staying in different hotels, you can find a cheap one and travel across the city without spending different money rates in different hotels.

Now that everything is established, here are the top three places you need to travel to when in Melbourne:

1. Yarra River

If you’re all about enjoying amazing weather and love water, this is definitely the one thing you do not want to miss out on. Find the perfect cruise ride along the Yarra River and enjoy sweeping through the amazing waters. There is nothing that beats the enjoyment of cruising in good weather and living through the dream of floating on clear waters.

Yarra River happens to have amazing cruise alongside hotels, restaurants and food joints that have candle lighting. You will have a romantic journey during your cruise and remember it for the rest of your life.

2. Yarra Valley

If you’re thinking about having a fun time with friends and family and sip delicious wine that has just been readied, this is the place to be. Yarra Valley is the perfect place to come to terms with wine produce. Not only will you be able to bite onto mouth watering and fresh fruit that has been picked for making wine, but also sip onto wine that leaves taste in your mouth for hours.

This is an amazing tour if you want to celebrate an occasion in your life like a bachelor party, or a birthday party or simply just enjoy being single. There’s nothing quite sipping fresh berries made and curated to perfection.

3. Federation Square

A contemporary place that features market places, food joints and shopping centers for all of those who want to enjoy the normal things in life. There is much more than sipping wine, tasting food and roaming around in this square. You are able to enjoy the crazy architecture, the pleasant weather and even the outstanding aromas from when they’re preparing food.

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