Family Reunion Visa – VIPER


Please have in mind the Permanent Visa is only applicable to those moving to Brazil. It is not to be applied for as a substitute for a tourist visa, in case you visit Brazil once a year, for example. Tourist visas allow one to stay in Brazil for up to 180 days in a year.

The following are eligible to apply for a permanent visa (Family Reunion) in order to join an immediate family member (Brazilian citizen or holder of a Brazilian permanent visa)

  • spouse
  • unmarried child under 21 years of age
  • unmarried child under 24 years of age, if attending university or pursuing graduate/post-graduate studies (eligibility depends on reciprocity of conditions ruling same circumstances in country of citizenship)
  • disabled child
  • unmarried under-21 year old orphaned sibling, grandchild or great-grandchild
  • unmarried under-24 year old orphaned sibling, grandchild or great-grandchild, if attending university or pursuing graduate/post-graduate studies (eligibility depends on reciprocity of conditions ruling same circumstances in country of citizenship)
  • disabled sibling, grandchild or great-grandchild
  • parents, if financial dependence is formally proven

The Embassy in Wellington may issue a Permanent Visa. In this case, the requesting party and applicant must present the Documentation and apply for the visa in person at the Embassy. The Embassy will not process Permanent Visa applications received by mail. However, if the applicant is not able to collect the passport in person, a pre-paid self addressed courier envelope for the return of the passport through the post must be provided when he/she applies at the Embassy.


The applicant must provide authenticated copies*, or originals when stated, of the following documentation:

*Copies can be authenticated by a Justice of the Peace/Notary Public, or by the Embassy - in this case, please see Authenticated Copies

1. Copy of the requesting party's personal Brazilian I.D. (carteira de identidade) or equivalent document; 

2. Copy of the applicant's marriage certificate, birth certificate, official dependency document or official court or state-issued document attesting to the relevant eligibility conditions. Attention: All documentation not issued in Brazil must be authenticated by the Embassy;

3. Copy of the relevant pages of the applicant's valid passport;

4. Original Term of Responsibility (formal affidavit of obligation and support) for the applicant prepared and legalized by the requesting party at a notary public's office or at the Embassy, legalised by the Consular Sector – see Legalisation of Original Documents

5. Original Police Certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice, issued within the last 90 days;

6. Passport with at least six months' validity remaining, and at least four blank pages;

7. Polio vaccination certificate (for children aged between 3 months and 6 years);

8. Self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the passport. NB. A mail/courier service that provides a tracking number is strongly recommended – please keep a copy of the tracking number.

    Visa Application Form

   The Visa Application form must be filled out online at Once filled out and submitted, your online application form will be valid for thirty (30) days. After this period your online form will no longer be valid and it will be necessary to complete a new one.


  • Select your preferred language for the online form (by clicking at the country's flag)
  • Click “Visa Request” (if the English flag was selected)
  • Read the instructions
  • Fill out the form as accurately and completely as possible
  • Click “Submit” to receive your application number and receipt
  • Print the Visa Form Delivery Receipt (Recibo de Entrega de Requerimento)
  • Attach one passport sized photo, according to the photo requirements (do not staple it to the form)
  • Sign the receipt in the square at the bottom of the form and on the very bottom of the receipt provide us with an email address and phone number for further payment instructions
  • Either photocopy the receipt or write down the application number (protocolo número) and keep in a safe place (can be used to check at which stage of processing your application is at; see Processing Time
  • Hand in the form in person to the Embassy during Consular opening hours, together with required documentation.

Minors under 18 years of age:

  • A copy of the minor’s birth certificate is required in all cases;
  • Minors not travelling with both parents/guardians must provide a notarized letter of consent signed by the non-accompanying parent(s)/guardian(s) authorizing the Consulate to issue a visa. If the minor will travel alone to Brazil both the mother and the father must sign the authorization and have their signatures notarized.


The requirements listed above are not all-inclusive. During processing, the Embassy may request additional information or documentation.

All supporting documentation not issued in Brazil must be authenticated by the Embassy



To see the visa fee, please consult the Table of Consular Fees.

An additional non-refundable reciprocity fee per visa applies to British, Emirati and American passport holders. For further details, please see the Table of Consular Fees.


Processing Time

To see at what stage of processing your visa application is at, go to

  • Click “Check Visa”
  • Fill in the form (the application number (protocolo número) can be seen on the application receipt (Recibo de Entrega de Requerimento))
  • Click “Search”

Applications received through the post: ten (10) working days

Applications received in person: five (5) working days

N.B. If the online application form is not filled out by the applicant themselves, the processing time will be up to thirty (30) days.

Application Process in Brazil

It is possible to apply for a Permanent Visa whilst in Brazil. The requesting party should contact the DPMAF (Ministry of Justice/Federal Police) branch with jurisdiction over the future place of residence to obtain appropriate instructions regarding the application process.

All visas must be issued outside of Brazil. Therefore if a Permanent Visa is authorised to an applicant that is already in Brazil, they must leave the country in order to receive the visa in their passport, re-enter on the condition of the Permanent Visa and register with the Federal Police Department.


Further Information

  • For certain passports, the bearer must enter Brazil within ninety (90) days from the date of issuance of the visa, or it will no longer be valid. To see the list of passports that require entry into Brazil within 90 days, please click here
  • It is possible to alter your online visa application. Go to and click “Update Visa Request Form”. Fill out the form and click “Search”. You can then alter your application form. Click “Submit” and then follow original instructions as above.
  • Once your online visa application form has been submitted, it is possible to hand in the rest of the documentation and apply for the physical visa in any Brazilian Consular Representation. Your online form will be valid for thirty (30) days.
  • Please note that the Consulate DOES NOT ISSUE SAME DAY VISAS, unless in case of a documented medical emergency.